Dear reader,

We are glad you have visited our site.  We would like to introduce you to our project . 

Who are we?

My name is Nico Haupt.  I am a  Magician and mentalist.  I have been entertaining people full time for the past 15 years on Cruise ships, Balls, Theatres, Corporate parties, conferences etc.  I always give an unforgettable magical experience to all my viewers . I also perform magic as a hobby. I am particularly interested in street magic that I do live and captured on film by a camera person. I have already recorded a short Street Magic as part of our project.


The other members of my team are  Babett Grossek and Joseph Muita. Babett is a professional camera person and has worked for various TV stations in Berlin and other parts of the world. Joseph, a native of Kenya, lives in Berlin and has worked in TV production for many years in Germany. Two years ago, the three of us came up with this exciting idea that we have been working on since. We are almost coming to it’s conclusion and we need your help to make it a reality.

What do we want to do?

Accompanied by Babett, who will be the project camera person and  Joseph the project producer we intend to travel to Kenya and do magic for people. We
would like to go through the streets of Nairobi and do spontaneous Street Magic. Visit the great waterfalls and make water flow upwards. I would like to play with the Coriolis Force at the equator and read thoughts in the savanna. I would like to interview African VIPs and celebrities and magically draw out secrets from them. We intend to do magic without any camera tricks or manipulation. Our approach is to reveal the people and the great natural scenes in this fantastic country, Kenya.
With street magic and at tourist attractions and during interviews and at exotic places not usually visited by many people, our viewers will have the opportunity to meet Kenyans in their natural habitat and prove that astonishment, joy and humor have no boundaries.  We are convinced that for all our partners and viewers,  this project will give them a new perspective on Kenya .

To see the  world in a different light and in a different perspective.  To widen your and our horizon — this is the aim of our project.

To be able to share this  extraordinary experiences and moments, we would like to do a pilot project in Kenya. We would like to produce some film material with Kenyans done in Kenya. This material will later be released through a you tube channel. For the street performances with their unique reactions from the spectators and atmosphere and with the additional equipment and technology we would need additional personnel. These include a camera man and sound people, unit managers, production managers and aassistants, film editors, drivers etc…
We promise to deal fairly with our partners and use all resources effectively for the good of the people of Kenya. 


If this project becomes a success,  we intend to establish a magic school in Nairobi.  Our intention this time is to teach valuable rhetorik techniques and to build self confidence in children and young people and to create magic and fun.

We in Germany and our colleagues in Kenya look forward to your support in the realisation of this unique project. 

We hope you will have a rewarding experience working together in this project. 

Thank you for your time .