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Nico Haupt – “Mental Digital”, the interactive virtual online streaming show!

Anytime, anywhere…


…”Mental Digital” is unique, always inexplicable, motivating, challenging, connecting, entertaining, nail-bitingly exciting and simply great virtual live entertainment for your online event.

Whether as a magical participatory finale to the day’s congress or to liven things up between the topics… Or at virtual marketing events and trade fairs, at incentives, team-building and networking events or as a “Thank you!” to your employees:

“Mental Digital” is mental magic top entertainment, far away and yet so close!

Now and here…

…your virtual meeting becomes an unforgettable experience. The goal of “Mental Digital” is to connect us where miles and technology may separate us.

Employees and teams, customers and partners via Zoom, Teams or your platform of choice… in the “here and now” through the shared experience of the charmingly impossible.



  • entertaining, interactive live-online mental magic show with comedy elements, somewhere between Uri Geller and Jay Leno.
  • corporate based, discreet or direct, core or frame of the show: your company, your brands, themes, slogans, mottos
  • live online motivation and communication
  • live online team-building, incentives, iratification


  • practically unlimited number of participants
  • on tablet, PC or laptop
  • all common tools and formats
  • gift and props to participate via download or
    shipped packets for all participants
  • explanatory video for all participants: completely relaxed but better safe than sorry

nico haupt – mentalist & speaker


mental digital is entertainment 2.0


online magic show streaming virtual zoom


For digital events, whether national or international, the mental online magic show is streamed directly from the high-quality equipped home studio to all common platforms. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hopin, Google Meet, Skype…

For large events where an editor is necessary, ADK MEDIENAGENTUR is available with its television studio with professional equipment and many years of experience in an energetic and solution-oriented manner.

The main thing is that technical matters, planning and the course of events -virtual magic show or not- are largely invisible to the audience and participants, so that the audience, your customers, employees, partners, guests and friends all over the world can get involved in the act, in the wonders, the charming wit of Nico Haupt and above all in the feeling of being TOGETHER and the impression of closeness, no matter what age or where on the world!


virtuelle online zaubershow zauberer leipzig

A very often asked question: What is a mentalist? Is it a magician, wizard, illusionist?


Mentalist and mind reader Nico Haupt answers the question like this:

“Of course, terms like magician, sorcerer, conjurer, magician, illusionist, sleight of hand, mind reader, mental magician, mentalist, clairvoyant etc. are basically very similar, because all these terms have something to do with the art of magic and entertainment in one or another form. However, there are sometimes clear differences if you look closely. Psychics, for example, would not go near magic, because after all they live in their show from the fact that spectators believe that the abilities are real, that they can read minds – which of course they are not!

And magicians or conjurers are also something quite different from mentalists and mind readers.
The word magician means something like “secret knowledge”. Today, of course, these terms mean something quite different. The secret still plays a role, but magicians are no longer considered to be particularly knowledgeable. Rather the opposite.
A magician does tricks in his magic show. He links rings together, finds cards, does color changing silks, cuts ropes and restores tem…
A mental magician, on the other hand, deals in his show – as the name “Mens”, the spirit, indicates by its origin – with the things that most people are interested in: he thematises us humans and everything that concerns us. He apparently sees into the future, judges and analyses behaviour and body language, finds out secrets, reads thoughts. He deals with life, profession, emotions, thoughts and ideas, whereas a magician deals mainly with objects.

A magic show is definitely aimed at adults and I have already seen some magic shows that I found really great. Interactive, funny, magical. But especially for business events, where things can be a bit more upscale and classy, I think a show mind reader is a much better choice. Of course, this also applies to online and streaming shows. Reading a mind over 500 kilometres, for example, is much more impressive to me than watching a virtual online magic show where the artist conjures with silks and playing cards in his studio.

It’s all a matter of taste, of course, and if I’m honest, I also use the word “magic show” and “trick” to get found better by Google, but my clients and viewers have never regretted booking me and my entertainment.

Performing a virtual magic show is a very special new challenge!
Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hopin, Vimeo, Google and so on offer very special circumstances and opportunities to interact and have fun, but also new difficulties that need to be mastered in order to perform a great magic act.
The experience of the audience to experience mentalism as an interactive show thousands of kilometres away but at the same time in their own head and hands is absolutely unique and sometimes even a little more exciting – for me and for the people – than classical magic shows with stage and auditorium.

And especially in the segment of corporate shows, virtual magic will be at least partly the future! “Zoom magic” will be a common term for agencies and people and to watch a virtual magic show won’t be as unusual and new as it was few years ago- even after the end of the time of the problems that the world and the people have at the moment.

Enterprises all over the world will still carry out online meetings, congresses, product fairs, and any other corporate event thinkable.

So to work as a virtual magician or mentalist and make people amazed even they are millions of miles away will be an amazing part of the working magicians repertoir.”

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